30-Minute ONLINE Lunch Mindfulness Meditation with Raman

During this ONLINE 30-minute mindfulness meditation session, participants will learn various tools to practice a new way of awareness, learning to be in the present moment.

Practice sessions will include awareness of breath, sitting meditation, body-mind scan and mindful body movements.



Sessions are only offered online during this time.


We recommended having a bottle of water and wearing comfortable clothing during the online sessions.

30-Minute ONLINE Lunch Mindfulness Meditation with Raman

Available Dates
  • All Sessions Available from 12:15 to 12:45 P.M.:

    Wednesday, September 16

    Wednesday, September 23

    Wednesday, September 30

    Wednesday, October 7

    Wednesday, October 14

    Wednesday, October 21

Tel: 1 (613) 226-5050

261 Centrepointe Drive, Ottawa

ON. K2G 6E8

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