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A virtual fundraising event featuring a yoga class, a mindfulness workshop, and a guided meditation. All proceeds go to the OFB.

About this Event

The unprecedented circumstances presented by the pandemic have had adverse effects on personal wellbeing, both physical and mental, and that’s without considering the threat to food security. Many people are currently not only dealing with the stress imposed by the pandemic, but they are also concerned about where they will receive their next meal. This free fundraising event in support of the Ottawa Food Bank is part of the #CraveCompassion campaign run by the Public Relations students at Algonquin College. This event will draw attention to the issue of food insecurity during this time, while also encouraging an environment to help individuals heal and support one another. Our event will be an afternoon of wellness-oriented activities, including a yoga class led by Erin Harris of SoulSpeak Yoga, and both a guided meditation and a mindfulness workshop led by the Mindfulness at Centrepointe centre. Event Schedule:

1:00 pm: yoga class led by Erin Harris of SoulSpeak Yoga 2:30 pm: mindfulness workshop led by Dr. Raman Chawla of Mindfulness at Centrepointe 3:30 pm: guided meditation led by Carole Trepenier of Mindfulness at Centrepointe 4:00 pm: Event finish

*Note: the event's Zoom link will be provided upon registration.


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